Avoid the fuss. Ride the bus!

We are a team of University of Georgia New Media Capstone students assisting in developing and designing kiosks for Athens Clark County Transit.


Project Overview

These large touch-screen Kiosks are new to Athens and have been spread around the town. Our client reached out to the UGA New Media Institute to help develope content for the kiosk as it goes though its first stages of development. We in particular were tasked with creating new content that was both useful and unique to Athens and its riders.



Transit Riders


Some features included on the kiosk...

Local Destinations




Polished Design


Project Checkpoints & Assignments



Frequently Asked Questions

The Athens-Clarke County Transit is a transportation service with about 20 routes, over 80 bus shelters and approximately 500 bus stops throughout Athens-Clarke County.

Two are located at the ACC Multi-Modal Center. One is located under the awning at the Classic Center, one is located in front of Parking Services on College Avenue and lastly, another is inside the ACC Public Library.

1st- Tap the screen of the kiosk Next- Click the icon that you would like to view It’s that easy thanks to the touch screen capabilities!

Departures: shows when each bus will be arriving and departing
Routes: shows all the stops on each route
Plan a Trip: put in all the necessary information needed and the kiosk will show which route is the most efficient way to go
Bus Tracker: shows where the bus is currently located
Suggested Destinations: displays suggested locations with their coordinated bus stop based on useful categories for the three most popular bus routes, Route 5, Route 7 and Route 21.
Work for Us: shows information if someone is interested in working for ACC Transit

Anything from local restaurants and bars, entertainment spots such as theatres, natural surroundings like parks, historical sites, art galleries etc.

Kiosk Pages

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Home Screen

Route 21 Suggested Destinations

Route 21 Drop-down Menu

Alternative Home Screen

Route 5 Suggested Destinations

Route 5 Drop-down Menu

Home Screen Drop-down

Route 7 Suggested Destinations

Route 7 Drop-down Menu


Our hard working team

Roya Behzadi


As an Interface Designer and Software Developer my primary responsibility is creating the design and writing the code of the application. This entails ensuring the interaction of the user experience aligns with our project goal and vision. I work closely with the lead software developer in creating our project website and branding designer to ensure that the application design follows our product guidelines. I also work closely with the software developer to ensure the designs can be implemented according to our research and mockups.

Collier Lokey


As a Public Relations Specialist and Content Writer, my primary responsibility is to create and maintain a positive public image for the client, communicate effectively with the team, client and public and curate all of the content that is going to be released.

Briley Mahler


As head researcher and communications specialist, I will work to maintain group productivity and conduct research to assure our information is up to date. I will ensure that all necessary responsibilities are delegated and our work is cohesive and satisfactory to our client’s needs.

Griffin Riekel


As one of the software developers it is my duty to code and develop our product in a way that is both efficient and user friendly. My goal is to work alongside my team and produce a well polished product for the client that meets their requirements and standards. I will be relying on my team to help me understand exactly what the client is looking for and the kind of user experience we wish to develop.

Ellen Zhang


As the user experience/Interface Designer, my job is to make the product as aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use as possible. I will ensure that the end product not only has all the necessary features that the client has requested but is also optimized for accessibility so the product can be as useful for as many people as possible


Sadly our project is not available for download

Our project lives on the third-party application onsign.tv

Onsign.tv is a third-party kiosk managment software that holds all of our campaigns. Our client gave us access to their onsign environment, which we used to test and store our content. The client should have full access to everything we have made through onsign.tv.

However here is what we do have

Our project can be replicated by downloading each element of our campaigns from our visual style guide and setting up an environment in onsign.tv. Then just copy, paste, and arrange content zones in the desired orientation.

Our Client

ACC Transit - Rachel Hopkins, Marketing Director